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coola's sun science lesson

all natural sunblock

sunscreen goes au natural

We like natural. So our Mineral Sunscreens incorporate our unique method of independently suspending Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide actives in an organic ultra moisturizing base. When applied, these natural mineral blockers are evenly spaced, creating the most effective application on your skin (imagine a screen or net). You get the same protection that a lifeguard gets when their nose is white, only ours is transparent!

Note: We do NOT use Nano-Particles in our sunscreens

Our unique and recently reformulated (coming soon) Classic Sunscreens include Hydresia O technology derived from eco-certified and USDA certified organic Safflower Oleosomes. This just patented plant technology is rich in moisturizing Vitamin E and enhances sun safety by time-releasing UVA and UVB broad-spectrum protecting active ingredients - resulting in 75% less actives!

We’re really serious about sun protection, and follow the recommendations of the CDC, FDA, American Cancer Society and the Skin Cancer Foundation. In addition, COOLA manufactures in small batches. As a result we’re fortunate to be able to reformulate often, and take advantage of the latest developments in sun science!

Tomato, tomotto. Some prefer our Classic Sunscreens, others prefer our Mineral Sunscreens. COOLA is happy to offer the healthiest versions of both so you can decide which is best for you and your family. That way no one ends up looking like a tomato.