Our Favorite “Super Oils”

Temps might still be reaching a high of 80 degrees here in San Diego, but fall is definitely present in the change of the shadows and crisp morning air! While we are excited for what the season brings, we are not ready to part ways with our glowing, dewy, sunkissed complexion! One way we love to savor vibrant, healthy skin through the fall/winter is by using what we like to call our favorite "super oils." Much like superfoods, these essential oils pack a potent antioxidant & vitamin punch!  These 6 oils are our natural saviors that you can use not only in the kitchen, but for your skin and hair too!

The best part: All of these oils can be found in our sunscreens and pre + post suncare products!

Here are our top "super oils":


Rosehip Oil

Properties: Rich in Omega 3, 6, & 9, Vitamin C, lycopene and linoleic acids

Benefits: Regenerates skin cells, minimizes signs of aging, reduces fine lines, moisturizes, boosts collagen

How we use: We love using Rosehip Oil as an all-over moisturizer on our face and neck at bedtime, and leaving it on through the night! If you are afraid of making a mess of your sheets place a t-shirt or towel over your pillow :)


Lavender Oil

Properties: Rich in antioxidant protection

Benefits: Calming anti-inflammatory, regenerates skin cells and reduces sun spots and scarring, stress relief

How we use: This is our savior for vanishing those pesky dark spots or scars. Mix lavendar oil with coconut oil and peppermint oil for the ultimate facial! Leave on for 20-30 min.


Coconut Oil

Properties: Potent in Vitamin E

Benefits: Prevents premature aging/wrinkling, naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

How we use: This skin superfood makes for the best overnight lip balm, under eye treatment, and hair mask! We also like using it as an all over moisturizer right out of the shower. Plus, you'll smell like a tropical vacation!



Jojoba Oil

Properties: Contains Vitamins E & B, and minerals like chromium, copper and zinc

Benefits: Cleanses, moisturizes, treats without drying out skin, ideal for sensitive acne prone skin

How we use: Its non-greasy texture and anti-inflammatory properties make it a go-to treatment for acne! If you have combination skin that is acne prone, this oil will do your skin wonders!



Evening Primrose Oil

Properties: Vitamin C & E, essential fatty acid Omega-6

Benefits: Improves blood circulation of the skin, keeps skin looking and feeling youthful, combats acne

How we use: We love to use this as a powerful, yet gentle and hydrating treatment for acne prone skin in the PM!



Peppermint Oil

Properties: Vitamin A & C, Omega-3 fatty acids

Benefits: Manages oil production, wakes up tired skin, revitalizes scalp

How we use: Whenever we feel like our skin is looking a little sallow, we love to rejuvenate with this revitalizing oil! We also will take a little and mix it in with our shampoo to stimulate hair growth. Talk about feeling fresh! 


– Happy Sun-Blocking!® 

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