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DIY: Homemade Natural Bronzing Powder

Mar 28, 2014

Spring is here and the desire for a glowing, healthy complexion is on!

We're all about getting that sunkissed skin the healthiest way possible and what's healthier than a homemade natural bronzing powder made with simple, pure ingredients from your own pantry! That way you can enjoy the perks of having a beautiful bronze glow without damaging your skin with harmful and aging UV rays. So continue to wear your sunnies, floppy hats, and COOLA!

Get started: Try to find organic or as natural as possible ingredients to make it the most beneficial for your skin!


Ground cinnamon

Ground nutmeg

Cocoa powder


Container (We recommend a sealable, small jar or container that you can easily use with a powder brush)


With these four ingredients you can basically concoct your powder however you want! If you want your bronzer to be darker, add more cocoa powder, and if you want it lighter or have more of that "glow", add a little more cinnamon! You can play with different color combinations or even make a couple different combinations for use for different occassions or seasons! The possibilities are endless :) 


- Happy Sun-Blocking!

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