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Eat Play Fly Reviews Her Favorite COOLA Products!

Greeted at the doorstep was another brown box, one of twenty that awaited my return from my tournament swing in Asia. A look inside revealed a sweet note from Behrman Communications, and a couple of my favorite COOLA organic products that were sent my way. It’s no secret that tennis players are constantly in the sun every day— from practice and fitness, to matches, there’s no escaping the scorching calamity of the sun. That’s where products like COOLA Suncare come in – to protect our faces and bodies from the harsh effects of sunburn and aging.

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At first glance… The products appeared inviting, with its vibrant blue color and fresh packaging. One of my most desired products to have was the Mineral Face sunscreen moisturizer, and the packaging did not disappoint. I really wanted an organic sunscreen, especially one that was paraben-free and oxybenzone-free, one that lasted long during sports, and one with a fresh scent. I received the Fresh Mango scented bottle, and was ecstatic. To add to even more excitement, the Eco-Lux SPF 50 sunscreen spray was also hiding inside my goodie-box. As a tennis player, I hate having sweaty and oily hands— especially from applying sunblock; so I was super happy to have a spray unblock that smells amazing (Guava-Mango), and has an easy spray application.

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The Verdict I typically use La Roche-Posay for my face, but the SPF moisturizing sunscreen will take its place as #1. I loved its scent and how long it lasts on my face (80+ minutes without re-application !), and will definitely keep using this product. As for the spray sunscreen, it was absolutely perfect. Sometimes with spray sunscreens, there is some additional rub-in, but once sprayed on, it felt like the sunscreen absorbed into my skin— with no extra rubbing necessary! The fresh guava-mango scent is lovely and refreshing, a nice touch by COOLA.

Big thanks to COOLA Suncare for sending products my way!