COOLA Cares! World Vegan Month

vegan_coolablue Happy November and Happy World Vegan Month! Here at COOLA, we strive to make our suncare collection as eco-friendly as possible, and so we pride ourselves when we hit the jackpot with a vegan-friendly, 70%+ certified organic, locally sourced product loaded with good for your skin ingredients! We get asked fairly often which of our products are vegan-friendly, which excites us because that means you Happy Sun Blockers care just as much as we do! And, rest assured, all of our products are certainly cruelty-free :)

Note – If you do not see one of your favorite products on this list, it may not be considered vegan-friendly due to certain ingredients such as beeswax. If you have any questions regarding particular ingredients in your product, please reach out to us at

Now, onto the list of our vegan-friendly suncare products!

Mineral Face Matte Cucumber SPF30

Mineral Face Unscented Matte Tint SPF30

Mineral Face Rose Essence Tint SPF20

Mineral Sport Citrus Mimosa SPF30

Daydream Mineral Makeup Primer SPF30

Makeup Setting Spray Green Tea SPF30

Classic Face Cucumber Moisturizer SPF30

Classic Face Unscented Moisturizer SPF30

Classic Face Sport White Tea SPF50

Classic Body Plumeria Moisturizer SPF30

Classic Body Unscented Moisturizer SPF30

Classic body Spray PiƱa Colada SPF30

Classic Body Spray Citrus Mimosa SPF30

Classic Body Spray Unscented SPF30

Classic Body Spray Fresh Cucumber SPF30

Classic Body Spray Tropical Coconut SPF30

Classic Sport Spray Unscented SPF50

Classic Sport Spray Guava Mango SPF50

Rosilliance BB+ cream SPF30 Light/Medium

Rosilliance BB+ cream SPF30 Medium/Dark

Also, our COOLA pre and post Skin Care line, Environmental Repair+, is an Eco- Certified, Vegan friendly collection.

Again, if you have any product questions please feel free to drop us a line at! We are always happy to chat everything suncare :)

You can also see more of our eco-cool details here >>>

Happy Sun Blocking!

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