Dive in With COOLA and Cynthia Rowley to make a CHANGE!

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Be part of the CHANGE and support COOLA and Cynthia Rowley’s $100,000 donation to the Ocean Conservancy.

Only 2,000 limited edition sets are available!


COOLA x Cynthia Rowley CHANGE

Limited Edition Suncare Set – $75 ($132 Value!)


The ocean is a complex system and it is facing some complex problems. Really though, we’ve got some serious issues ahead if we don’t shape up!

Did You Know?

The ocean has absorbed more than half of all the carbon emitted into the atmosphere since the industrial revolution.
As carbon emissions increase, our ocean faces a combination of stressors. Warming ocean temperatures, melting sea ice and ocean acidification are affecting our ocean, wildlife and coastal communities right now. In fact, we’re changing the ocean’s acidity 50 times faster than ever before.
The ocean generates half the oxygen on the planet, creates the rain that feeds our crops and forests, provides our fresh water and feeds millions of people around the world.

Our CEO & Founder, Chris Birchby, and leading global lifestyle designer and five time bestselling author Cynthia Rowley are (thankfully) confronting the struggles of climate pollution together to keep our ocean healthy.

COOLA and Cynthia Rowley are proud to announce their limited edition CHANGE Suncare kit. Retailing for $75 ($132 value), 100% of the profits will be donated to the Ocean Conservancy. We will contribute a minimum of $100,000 to protect the beaches and oceans that we all love.

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Since 1972, this trailblazing nonprofit has been at the forefront of cleaning up beaches, promoting healthy oceans, and creating federal and state government policy. They’re spreading awareness and driving global change.