A Letter From Our Founder

Hello from COOLA Suncare.

At COOLA we’re always looking for newer and better-for-you ingredients. We believe our actions help promote organic farming, limit the use of pesticides, help create non-GMO products, and protect against the most common form of cancer, skin cancer. This is our passion.

As such, we were very surprised to see that we were included in the Soil Association’s “Campaign for Clarity,” and want to share more about our products in hopes of clearing up any confusion the Campaign Article may have created regarding our products. We always appreciate any and all efforts to raise awareness for healthier consumer choices. This has always been our mission here at COOLA. However, we also believe that this should be done responsibly and with honest motivations.

All of COOLA’s organic sunscreens are formulated with over 70% organic ingredients in accordance with the California Organic Products Act (COPA). COPA is arguably the strictest organic labeling standard in the United States. These ingredients are clearly marked on our packaging and certified organic by the USDA and/or Oregon Tilth. In addition, all of our non-spf formulas are certified Ecocert organic.


In the United States, sunscreen products are ‘over the counter’ (OTC) drug products marketed under regulations issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA’s regulation for OTC sunscreen products require all sunscreens to include those active ingredients that the FDA has found to be safe and effective for sunscreen use, that protect against sun damage and help to prevent skin cancer. We will continue to advocate for healthy sunscreen actives, but currently there are a very limited number of sunscreen active ingredients that the FDA has allowed to be used as sunscreen active ingredients. The ingredients mentioned by the Soil Association are in fact sunscreen active ingredients, among the limited number allowed by the FDA for UVA/UVB protection. Knowing this, we work hard to insure that almost every ingredient, other than the sunscreen active ingredients, are organic. It should also be noted that no sunscreen actives – chemical or mineral – can be organic. With this in mind, up to 97% of the rest of our formulas are certified organic.

We take the responsibility of communicating our mission very seriously, and regret that the Soil Association did not contact us prior to their news release and PR campaign. Our knowledge in the industry is incredibly comprehensive because we have been doing this for a very long time. When information provided to the general public is incomplete or lacks proper context, the problem is compounded and our common goal for a healthier consumer who loves to wear SPF is diminished.

The COOLA family will continue to bring you the healthiest sunscreen that people love to wear. Thank you so much for your support.


Chris Birchby

Founder / CEO

COOLA Suncare